Expert’s Corner: FarmLink Acquires DePutter Publishing

Posted on January 26, 2022


In December, FarmLink announced the acquisition of DePutter Publishing

In this episode of Expert’s Corner, Tracy from Farm Marketer chats with Mark Lepp, Founder and CEO of FarmLink, about this exciting acquisition.

Tune in to hear them chat about:

• The exciting details of FarmLink’s acquisition of DePutter Publishing.

• Mark shares more about DePutter –  he shares his vision for how this purchase will benefit FarmLink, GrainFox, and most importantly… our subscribers.

• Specifically, he shares more on how this acquisition plays strategically into GrainFox and the development of this innovative platform.

• To wrap up the segment, Tracy asks Mark “What’s next for Farm Link and GrainFox?”

Tune in to hear his answer.

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