Expert’s Corner – GrainFox Is Free To Try For 90 Days

Posted on May 30, 2022


In this segment of Expert’s Corner, Tracy from Farm Marketer speaks to Bailey Skaftfeld, Customer Success Specialist at GrainFox, about their exciting new “Try It For FREE for 90 Days Promotion.”

In this segment, Tracy and Bailey speak about:

• FarmLink’s innovative grain marketing platform GrainFox – that offers winning up-to-the minute insights and recommendations for producers. It is really the future of grain marketing, It’s an all-in-one app that will grow with you, all in the palm of your hand.

• When Bailey speaks to producers about why they should sign up for GrainFox, there are three key features she loves to highlight… the ROI Calculator, Resource Hub, and Price Map. She chats with Tracy about these tools and highlights how producers can use these features to benefit their farm business.

• Bailey shares more about their spring promotion. They are offering a FREE 90-day trial of GrainFox for producers. All producers have to do is visit our website

No strings attached – sign up and try everything GrainFox has to offer… for free for 90 days!

Are you curious to know more about GrainFox and this exciting promotion? If so, tune in to the show and then head to the FarmLink Marketing Solutions website. Try GrainFox for free for 90 Days! Sign up now!

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