Farm At Hand to merge with FarmLink Marketing Solutions.

Posted on November 17, 2015

Farm At Hand announced today it is merging with FarmLink Marketing Solutions, western Canada’s leading provider of grain marketing services. Farm At Hand helps farmers do more with their data by increasing efficiency and productivity through its farm management platform. “Today farmers are using technology across their entire operations and engaging with outside experts,” said Kim Keller, co-founder of Farm At Hand. “With FarmLink we gain new relationships and expertise, allowing Farm At Hand to truly become the platform for agriculture, from seed to sale.” It has always been Farm At Hand’s policy not to share farmer’s information with outside parties, and FarmLink has no interest in changing that. Farmers will still choose who they share their data with. Farm At Hand will enable them to leverage technology to enhance their business relationships farm wide. “Farmers can rest assured that their information will remain private,” said Brenda Tjaden Lepp, co-founder of FarmLink. “We are merging with Farm At Hand because it’s revolutionary for farm record-keeping, maintaining integrity in the process. Having farmers in control of their data is critical to their farm’s success.” Kim and Brenda agree, “It has long been our belief that to truly empower the farmer we have to be where they are, and they are on mobile devices. This merger is about innovating to help build stronger relationships with farm business partners worldwide.” FarmLink Marketing Solutions is Western Canada’s leading provider of grain marketing services, offering consulting, analysis and direct selling opportunities to individual farm businesses. Farm At Hand is a cloud-based management software platform that helps farmers to manage operations, from field records and equipment to inventory and sales.

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