GrainFox is Going Beyond the Field

Posted on January 19, 2022

Our number one goal with GrainFox has always been to help you market your grain as effectively and profitably as possible by offering timely sales recommendations, market and crop updates, and in-depth analysis.

We believe that analysis is particularly important when it comes to making sense of the overall market and how it affects your farm business. That’s why we’re excited to announce Beyond the Field, a brand new GrainFox publication that will bring geopolitical perspectives into the mix as a way to uncover even more global factors that play an important role in the success of your farm business.

Exclusively for GrainFox users, Beyond the Field is a new weekly series from writer and Grain World 2019 keynote speaker Jacob Shapiro (Perch Perspectives) that aims to offer producers a more well-rounded picture of the global economy, international relations, and other geopolitical topics that may affect agricultural markets and ultimately trickle down to your individual farm.

These timely pieces will explore a wide variety of topics and news items, offering GrainFox users even more relevant content and information that ultimately helps you make the best selling decisions possible.

Beyond the Field launches on GrainFox on January 26, 2022, and be sure to check GrainFox every Wednesday morning for new content!

Meet Jacob Shapiro

Jacob Shapiro is the founder of and chief strategist at Perch Perspectives, a research and analysis firm that provides geopolitical risk assessment and decision making content and advice to businesses and policy makers around the globe.

For over a decade, Jacob has provided his clients with the context, foresight, and extensive analysis they need to solve for the unknown and enhance their understanding of global and regional affairs. He is known for challenging his clients’ perspectives to empower them to make accurate, informed decisions and gain a more holistic view of the events and issues that impact them and their businesses.

Through Beyond the Field, Jacob will be sharing his unique insights with GrainFox users to examine and make sense of issues affecting the agriculture industry, supply chains, technology, and other areas that matter to farmers.

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