Our response to COVID-19

Posted on May 28, 2020

FarmLink is committed to keeping its clients and staff safe as provincial government recommendations phase in these next couple of months. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta are starting to slowly and responsibly lift restrictions on essential and some non-essential businesses and services.

Although this seems like good news, FarmLink is not included in these initial phases, therefore, will continue strict social distancing practices. Luckily, FarmLink has the tools to adjust our approach and maintain the same high-level service.

Here is what will remain at FarmLink for the near future to keep clients and staff safe:

  • As always, clients will have direct access to thier grain marketing advisor, only now communicating through digital means.
  • All FarmLink services will continue: Market Reports, Managed, and Managed Plus
  • FarmLink offices will remain closed, and grain marketing advisors will not be visiting farms or distributing grain samples.
  • FarmLink is digitally shifting all client events to Zoom. As a response to COVID-19, FarmLink will continue to host thought-provoking webinars to bring you relevant grain marketing insights.
  • FarmLink is postponing hosting and participating at any large in-person gatherings, meetings, or conferences until further notice.


This is a difficult time for everyone, especially given the dynamic nature of the pandemic. FarmLink is committed to keeping clients informed on the markets as we navigate through this.

Last but not least, FarmLink thanks clients and farmers for working hard to feed the world. This industry is essential and resilient.

As always, FarmLink is here to help you through these challenging times.
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