September 27, 2023 at 10AM CST on Zoom

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From Bin to Bank: Harvest & Market Insights from the Experts

Selling or buying grain? Make sure to reserve your spot at the annual From Bin to Bank harvest event. This exclusive panel conversation will showcase leading experts from GrainFox, including Chief Analysts, Neil Townsend and Ranulf Glanville, and geopolitical expert Jacob Shapiro.

Together, they will delve into comprehensive market analysis, offer commentary, and share valuable perspectives on ongoing developments and their impact on the agricultural sector. Through this event, you’ll gain valuable insights into the remainder of the harvest period and the trajectory heading into 2024.

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What is GrainFox?

GrainFox is a farm wealth solutions platform created to help you achieve your financial goals by building a clearer path from bin to bank.

By combining your crop portfolio mix, cash flow goals, storage constraints, and risk tolerance with more than 20 years of market data, GrainFox Smart Advisor delivers deeply personalized sales recommendations, customized specifically for your farm business.

With Smart Advisor at its core, the GrainFox farm wealth toolkit features many other powerful features designed to give you deeper insights into your grain marketing decisions.

Neil Townsend

Chief Market Analyst, GrainFox | FarmLink

With more than two decades of market analysis and advisory expertise, Neil Townsend spearheads GrainFox/FarmLink’s analysis, leveraging his profound understanding of agricultural commodity shifts, market acumen, and his distinctive touch of dry humor. Through unwavering research efforts, Neil and his team formulate comprehensive market projections encompassing trends, supply-demand dynamics, and price prospects. This culminates in well-timed and enlightened sales recommendations, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Ranulf Glanville

Chief Market Analyst, GrainFox | DePutter

In 2022, Ranulf became a part of the GrainFox team, following a notable 19-year tenure at DePutter Publishing (acquired by GrainFox). During his time there, he served as Vice President and held a senior role as a commodity market analyst. An instrumental figure, Ranulf contributes significantly to furnishing farm market insights and counsel across numerous GrainFox and DePutter publications. With academic accomplishments spanning a BSc in Engineering, an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business, and the distinction of being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Ranulf brings a wealth of expertise to his current role.

Jacob Shapiro

Chief Strategist, Perch Perspectives

For more than a decade, Jacob Shapiro has been offering his clients the essential context, foresight, and comprehensive analysis required to address uncertainties and deepen their grasp of global and regional dynamics. In his role as the author of GrainFox’s “Beyond the Field” publication, Jacob infuses GrainFox with his distinctive geopolitical acumen, delivering incisive assessments of pertinent current events and global circumstances that hold paramount significance for producers.