Expert’s Corner: The Future of Grain Marketing

Posted on June 10, 2021



Crop inputs and farm equipment have progressed wildly in the last 20 years, but grain marketing has stayed pretty much the same. Until now, that is…

What is the future of Grain Marketing? How can advancements help producers achieve their financial stability? What does long-term success look like?  

In this very first segment of Expert’s Corner, FarmLink CEO Mark Lepp introduces you to “The Future of Grain Marketing.” 

Learn about the revolution that is taking place in grain marketing to ensure producers are getting more for what they grow. Learn about the new tool grain marketing tool, GrainFox, that uses FarmLink’s market analysis, backed by a team of analysts, local grain marketing advisors, and 20 years of statistical and historical data.  

As a Canadian producer, you will not want to miss this episode about the importance of a customized grain marketing plan, and how GrainFox is helping producers manage financial risk, improve return, and make smarter grain marketing decisions.  


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