Grain Marketing 101: The value of a Grain Marketing Advisor

Posted on June 7, 2021

There’s an old adage that says no one plans to fail, but if we fail to plan, we often set ourselves up for failure. Hiring a grain marketing advisor helps you develop a plan that sets you up for long-term success, limiting risk in the future. The work of an advisor is to help you make the smartest grain marketing decisions in terms of your goals and sell your crop at the right time to the right buyer.

Producers hire consultants for a variety of services, such as agronomic and animal nutrition advice, as well as tax and legal advice. However, not as many producers know about the advantages of working with a grain marketing advisor to help them turn their crop into profit.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all grain marketing advisor. Consider your goals when hiring a grain marketing advisor before starting your quest. Make sure your goals are achievable and align with what the advisor can offer. This article provides a quick rundown of the benefits of using a grain marketing advisor.

#1. Experts in their field

Just as you are an expert in your field (quite literally), grain marketing advisors are trained specialists that capitalize on the ever-changing market on your behalf. Hiring an advisor allows you to do what you know and love, farming. It’s the working relationship that fills in any missing holes you may have in your operation.

Advisors know the challenges and opportunities a producer faces. By working with you one-on-one, they help you to stay on top of your needs and build customized plans to help you achieve your financial goals. At FarmLink, our advisors are supported by a team of analysts, so you have access to not only the market knowledge and unbiased opinions of the advisor, but also the all the data and scope that an analyst provides.

With FarmLink, you get the information you need about the markets and 20 different commodities and crops, delivered directly to your fingertips on GrainFox, FarmLink’s latest grain marketing platform. Our Analyst team provides daily updates and in-depth research, as well as USDA/Statistics Canada reports, currency, and political commentary.

#2. Extrapolating complex data

A grain marketing advisor’s experienced approach provides you with key, actionable insights – not an overload of noisy data. We cut the fluff out of the picture and provide you with a clear step forward.
Every client’s needs and challenges are different. The specific insights an advisor gives you can be used in real time to help decision-making or be used retrospectively to support data analysis. This is the narrowed-down and unbiased viewpoint that working with an advisor can give you. We are experts in the specifics, and we use them to help you make the smartest decisions possible. It’s the smarter way the sell your crop.

#3. Unbiased information and services

Producers today have to make many daily decisions, but they can make more informed and smarter choices with the help of an independent expert who is only interested in their success. Grain marketing services also help eliminate “decision fatigue,” where producers are faced with so many choices that they pick something just to get it over with rather than make the best choice possible.

As a producer, you deal with a number of people to keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly. It’s crucial that, while searching for ways to prepare and improve your business for the long haul, you find resources that work with you, not against you. This means finding unbiased and unvested opinions on market data. A grain marketing advisor provides exactly that. Unlike a grain elevator, we’re not connected to anyone else who can profit off your decision except you. Your success and happiness motivates us to bring you the best advice possible.

#4. Custom advice, tailored to your crop’s specific needs.

A variety of factors affect grain marketing performance. We’ll help you decipher them so you can focus on what you do best: farming. Grain marketing success, on the other hand, starts with a comprehensive plan for your operation, and the more detailed the plan is, the more you’ll focus on the benefits. Our team of grain marketing advisors and regional managers will work with you to make the best decisions possible.

It’s all about you from the start, and how you see your future. FarmLink advisors assist you in not only developing a comprehensive marketing plan for your operation, but also in sticking to it and executing it. With the help of our established network, a team of local advisors will work with you to execute your plan and identify opportunities to manage price and production risk. And throughout every stage of planning, we stay one phone call or one click away.

#5. Helping you make you more money and create a sustainable long-term strategy for the farm.

When producers are out in the field, it’s easy to put marketing on the back burner, but an expert grain marketing advisor, just like a state-of-the-art seeder, is an essential part of a producer’s toolkit for maximizing their return year after year.

When you’re looking to hire a grain marketing advisor, the quality you’ll most likely be basing a lot of your decision on is trust. Think of your advisor as a part of your team. We believe that your success is our success because when you really stop and think about it, it’s true.

A grain marketing advisor’s job is to work with you so your day-to-day is less stressful and your goals are more attainable. It all starts with us listening to you. To start the conversation, talk with a FarmLink grain marketing advisor.

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