“Why pay for grain marketing support?”

Posted on December 16, 2020

We get asked this question all the time, and rightfully so.

Grain marketing is a complex team effort. But in short, paying for grain marketing services is a long-term business investment – not a short-term business expense – where results become clear at the three-to-five-year mark.

Producers with a customized grain marketing plan remain in control even when the unexpected happens. FarmLink empowers producers to make smart grain marketing decisions to grow their business and make more money sustainably.

I have been with FarmLink for five years now. Their recommendations have returned us 10-15% – better than I could have done myself, and sometimes much more. I now have more time and energy to spend on other aspects of running the farm. I have enjoyed working with my marketing advisor. She has done a great job of finding markets for my grain.

Keith Stephens, Balcarres

The next question we get asked is… “how?

We bring people and technology together. FarmLink’s market analysis is backed by a team of analysts, local grain marketing advisors, and 20 years of statistical and historical data.

Connect with a grain marketing advisor to learn how FarmLink can help you market your grain like a pro. Click here.

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