Press Release Posted on May 18, 2023

Farm wealth platform doubles down on commitment to data privacy

Winnipeg, Manitoba – GrainFox has been granted the Ag Data Transparent (ADT) seal of approval, which requires organizations to incorporate ADT’s “Core Principles” into their contracts with customers, including ensuring that customers reserve ownership to any and all data they enter into the GrainFox platform.

Already fully compliant with data privacy and security requirements, GrainFox sought certification through ADT as a way of renewing its commitment to protecting producers’ data.

“We’ve always understood the innate need for privacy and security when it comes to personal and professional data,” says Mark Lepp, Founder and CEO of GrainFox. “We’ve always observed online banking-level data security, but we wanted ADT’s seal of approval to make sure that we’re continually providing producers with peace of mind that the data they enter into GrainFox will always remain their data.”