Service Levels

Grow Like Never Before

Start growing and selling your grain like a pro. At FarmLink, we offer smart grain marketing advice to producers at every stage of their business. Through education, analysis, and understanding, we give producers the foundation to build a lasting legacy.

Whether you’re looking for powerful insights to help you make your own grain marketing decisions, or want a grain marketing advisor to work alongside you and your team, there is a service level to fit your business needs.

Plan with us today, and tomorrow can be the start of success for generations to come.

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Market Reports

For the producer that wants insights and data to make their own grain marketing decisions. This subscription level gives you access to GrainFox, our smart grain marketing tool, and its core features. GrainFox is a powerful platform that gives you market updates, crop insights, and sales recommendations. Plus, a lot of other handy tools to keep you informed like Barcharts, a weather forecaster, and more. GrainFox will continue to evolve as we add more features and smarter technology.


For the producer who is looking to add a grain marketing advisor to their team. Our expert advisors will work with you to create a customized marketing plan and help you act on profitable market opportunities. They will personalize sales recommendations to your location, inventory, and budgeting needs to suit your business goals. Plus, you’ll have access to our smart grain marketing tool, GrainFox.

Managed Plus+

For the producer who wants to focus on growing both types of yield – crop and financial. Managed Plus+ your front-of-office style grain marketing advising – all of our offerings combined into one. You get a dedicated grain marketing advisor to offer you customized advice, insights, and opportunities, plus budgetary and cash flow tools to keep you on track for financial success. All these services and tools tie perfectly into GrainFox, keeping your grain marketing insights and information right at your fingertips.

How We Do It

The power of FarmLink comes from our team of analysts, our local grain marketing advisors, and GrainFox. GrainFox is a smart grain marketing tool that gives winning, up-to-the-minute insights and recommendations. It puts producers in control of their grain marketing. GrainFox is more than an app, it is a tool, a business partner, an advantage.