Frequently Asked Questions

Is GrainFox for me?

GrainFox is for you if you want advice on how to sell your grain long-term and want to make your own final business decisions. It might not be for you if you are not looking for help building a long-term financial strategy for your farm (big or small).

How can I open a GrainFox account?

You can apply for a free trial by going to this page and filling out your application form.

Still have questions? Click here to book a demo!

How do the recommendations in GrainFox work?

GrainFox delivers sales recommendations and crop updates that match the crop types in your account. You'll be notified right on the platform with any new recommendations or reports that are relevant to you farm business.

What kind of knowledge do grain marketing advisors have?

FarmLink grain marketing advisors are specialists who can discuss your portfolio, the advice you receive, and how to take full advantage of the technology. They are experienced at building grain marketing plans, evaluating the local market, and helping producers understand cashflow and risk.

How do FarmLink’s grain marketing help?

FarmLink’s grain marketing advisors help:

  • Clarify recommendations provided within GrainFox
  • Review grain marketing plans
  • Discuss marketing strategies
  • Localized knowledge

What is GrainFox today?

As of today, GrainFox is a modern grain marketing technology platform that is:

  • The home for all FarmLink publications: Daily Market Wire, Crop Updates, Market Updates, Sales Recommendations.
  • A tool that opens up communication between the producer and our trusted advisors.

But this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more updates.

Why do I need the GrainFox application when I’m okay just using email?

The way we do grain marketing is changing. Modern farmers need modern tools and support to compete in a competitive market. Centralizing your farm’s selling information in GrainFox will keep you organized and prepared for your next sale.

If I use GrainFox, does this mean my advisor will stop answering my calls? *

Not at all. FarmLink will use this tool to give you a centralized place for all of your grain marketing advice, but we still believe a human touch is always needed. Our advisors are just one call, chat message, or email away.

*Fees may apply.