Personalized sales recommendations: What makes GrainFox different?

In terms of the technology available, there has never been a better time to be a producer. Precision ag tools and platforms have given us the ability to monitor our fields down to the square inch, and it all culminates in pile of incredibly useful data.

It’s what you actually do with that data that truly matters. Your personal data…

How to Use Non-ag Markets to Predict Your Crop Value & Make Strategic Decisions

By now, all producers have experienced the effects of inflation. When it comes to the financial management of your farm and business, it’s important to think not only about grain market outlooks and prices, but also about how external non-agricultural markets and macroeconomic headwinds (or tailwinds) will impact the Canadian agricultural industry now and in the future.

Grain markets…

How to Get Control of Rising Operating Costs on Your Farm

Producers across Canada are feeling the financial strain caused by record-high inflation and input costs. According to CBC, Canada’s inflation rate is at 7.7%, the highest it’s been since 1983.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization’s Global Input Price Index (which covers energy, feed, fertilizer, seed, and pesticides) has also reached a record high in 2022, causing concern for…

5 Modern Tools Producers Should Use on the Farm

From more involved crop science to precision ag technology, farming has progressed rapidly over the last half-century. The tools you use in your business are no longer limited to tractors and their many attachments or combines — technology is slowly, but effectively, carving out its place, and it’s getting to the point where there are some smart tools that…

Expert’s Corner – GrainFox Is Free To Try For 90 Days

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In this segment of Expert’s Corner, Tracy from Farm Marketer speaks to Bailey Skaftfeld, Customer Success Specialist at GrainFox, about their exciting new “Try It For FREE for 90 Days Promotion.”

In this segment, Tracy and Bailey speak about:

The Real Role of the Grain Elevator in Your Farm Business

Many producers turn to the grain elevator to get prices and sales recommendations, but is that really what the elevator is for? While you may have a strong relationship with your rep at the elevator, it has to be said: they don’t always have your best interest in mind.

Here’s what the grain elevator is actually for and how its…

Grain Marketing 101: Ultimate Guide to Farm Succession Planning

Your farm is not only your legacy — it’s your life and passion, and passing it along properly to heirs and loved ones helps ensure your hard work continues to provide for generations to come.

Farm succession planning is important because it plays a key role in securing your legacy. It’s a detailed, sometimes emotional process, but when the right…

Grain Marketing 101: Grain Broker vs. Grain Marketing Advisor—What’s the Difference?

Grain broker and grain marketing advisor are both crucial roles in the grain trade. Although both are focused on the best outcome for their clients, there are key points that differentiate the two.

A grain marketing advisor develops a solid, long-term grain marketing strategy for a producer looking to sell their grain.

A grain broker’s role is more focused…

Grain Marketing 101: How FarmLink Forms a Price Opinion

FarmLink’s vision is to help you make informed decisions that help turn your grain into profit, and our analytical team has a significant role in that vision. They analyze the market, break down all the information, and strive to ultimately provide you with the best information possible. Their main goal is to manage risk and present marketing opportunities, which…

Expert’s Corner: FarmLink Acquires DePutter Publishing

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In December, FarmLink announced the acquisition of DePutter Publishing

In this episode of Expert’s Corner, Tracy from Farm Marketer chats with Mark Lepp, Founder and CEO of FarmLink, about this exciting acquisition.

Tune in to hear them chat about:

• The exciting details of FarmLink’s acquisition of DePutter Publishing.

• Mark…