GrainFox Leadership

Mark Lepp, CEO & Founder, GrainFox (FarmLink)

Mark has made a profound impact on the agricultural industry with his unique blend of innovative thinking and deep-rooted farming heritage. His vision has been instrumental in transforming grain marketing, liberating producers from outdated methods by introducing advanced, data-driven solutions.

As Founder and CEO of GrainFox, Mark acts as the strategic compass of the business, guiding its direction with an astute vision for future growth.  His responsibilities encompass overseeing investor relations and opportunities, ensuring that stakeholders are aligned with the company’s trajectory and values.  Mark plays an instrumental role in identifying and capitalizing on new market opportunities, driving GrainFox’s expansion both domestically and internationally.

Beyond the digital transformation at GrainFox, Mark is recognized for his strategic acumen in acquiring, nurturing, and divesting companies. His seasoned entrepreneurship is evident by his track record of building robust, profitable enterprises. His approach combines keen insight into market dynamics with the agility to adapt and grow businesses in a way that maximizes their value and impact.

Mark’s journey from his farming roots to becoming a trailblazing entrepreneur in the ag-tech space demonstrates his commitment to progress and ingenuity. His foresight in recognizing and realizing the potential of marrying innovation with tradition has not only redefined grain marketing but also set a new standard for excellence and growth in the agricultural industry.

Liz Pham, Chief Growth Officer, GrainFox

Liz Pham boasts an extensive career spanning 20 years, where her unwavering commitment to leadership, strategic development, and corporate evolution has been consistently evident. With a dynamic skill set that covers Business Development, Marketing, and Operations, Liz has been instrumental in spearheading transformative strategies that have not only revolutionized company culture and processes but have also led to remarkable sales achievements, boosted profits, and garnered investor confidence. Her adeptness in orchestrating change and fostering growth is particularly pronounced in the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector, where she has guided projects from their inception through to execution of commercialization of the products.

As GrainFox’s Chief Growth Officer, Liz steers the integration of marketing, customer success and business development.  Her strategic oversight synchronizes these departments to drive market penetration, ensure customer loyalty, and pursue expansion opportunities, all unified under the company’s growth objectives.  Her leadership ensures that cross-functional teams are aligned in amplifying GrainFox’s presence and delivering on its promise of innovation in the ag-tech sector.

Liz is pivotal in leading the company’s market entry strategies, refining customer experiences, forging strategic alliances, and pursuing new market opportunities. Her leadership is a driving force behind GrainFox’s ambition to extend its footprint and influence in the agricultural technology sector.

Her professional journey is distinguished by a string of notable successes across various organizational scales from agile startups to established national enterprises. Liz’s dedication to cultivating and leading high-performing teams has been a cornerstone of her approach, yielding exceptional service standards and unwavering excellence.

Richard Surendrakumar, Chief Product Officer, GrainFox

Richard is an exceptional force in the field of agricultural technology, applying his advanced Electrical Engineering Ph.D. from the University of Ottawa to transform creative concepts into viable, sustainable products. His expertise is pivotal in directing projects towards long-term viability and financial success.

As Chief Product Officer at GrainFox, Richard’s responsibilities are comprehensive and critical to GrainFox’s success.  In addition to leading the Machine Learning, Software Development and Product Teams, Richard is charged with the stewardship of the product roadmap, ensuring that every product innovation aligns with the company’s strategic objectives and market demands. His role demands a fusion of technical expertise and visionary leadership to forecast industry trends and translate them into actionable product development plans.  He plays a crucial role in product lifecycle management, from conceptualization through to delivery, ensuring products not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

Richard’s career is marked by significant leadership roles at major organizations such as TechInsights, Canada Post, and Halogen Software (now Cornerstone on Demand), where he demonstrated a keen ability to assess product and market performance critically. His strategic insights have been crucial in diagnosing issues that affect revenue and engagement, allowing him to implement effective strategies that boost subscription enrollment.

His exemplary leadership has consistently enhanced the performance of global enterprises. Richard’s ability to unravel and steer through complex challenges has been a cornerstone of his career, enabling him to cultivate success within varied organizational environments. His contributions to GrainFox, particularly in driving the platform that revolutionizes farm wealth solutions, underscore his commitment to innovation, operational longevity, and profitability within the agtech industry.