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GrainFox for Agribusiness was created with the goal of helping commercial ag organizations achieve their financial goals through detailed expert market analysis and information, brought together in one easy-to-use platform. For over 20 years, we have provided producers with industry-leading grain marketing advice, and now we bring our experience and expertise to commercial entities. Through insightful publications, thoughtfully curated market data, and in-depth analysis, GrainFox for Agribusiness empowers our clients to make fully informed business decisions that benefit their long-term success.

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What is GrainFox?

GrainFox is a data-driven farm wealth solutions platform originally designed to help producers build a clearer path from bin to bank. GrainFox for Agribusiness was created as a single source of valuable market information, data, and analysis — curated and produced by a dedicated team of industry-leading analysts and developers. With the commercial Market Insights at its core, GrainFox for Agribusiness delivers data you can trust and clarity in an increasingly complex industry.

Why is GrainFox right for your business?

Keep your finger on the pulse(s)

Get real-time expert market analysis, find and compare crop prices, and keep up to date on the market trends affecting your business decisions.

Get big picture perspective

Your Market Insights isn’t limited to ag data — you’ll get insights on all the markets affecting your business, including oil and gas, precious metals, and others.

Understand your client base

Get data and insights that helps you understand your clients’ motivation. What drives their businesses is what drives yours.

Real experts, relevant data

In an ocean of armchair analysts, FarmLink and DePutter Publishing analysts deliver credible, reliable insights and analysis you can trust.

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Market Insights

Get details on numerous factors affecting your business, including commodity prices, MGEX grain bids, oilseed crushing stats, CGC and USDA reports, pig prices, and so much more

Growing Trends

A monthly report that curates the most important ag information and analysis, including CGC and USDA reports, commentary on supply and demand, important news stories, “winners and losers” in the markets, and much more.

Price Finder

Find and compare crop prices across North America, set Price Alerts for specific commodities, and check local prices quickly and easily

Barchart Overview & Detail

View market snapshots for specific time periods or dive deeper into futures for a wide variety of commodities, including crops, meats, energies, bonds, and much more.

Resource Hub

Get detailed market analysis and commentary from a dedicated team of experts (FarmLink or DePutter Publishing). Resource Hub also contains articles from featured contributors, crop market updates, and special reports throughout the year

Good Morning Prairies & E-Morning Ontario

A daily digest of ag news, analysis, and commentary on timely and relevant subject matter. Get this five-minute update every morning in your inbox.