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Data-driven, deeply personalized sales recommendations customized specifically for you farm business.


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Introducing GrainFox Smart Advisor

Sales recommendations — just for you

As the core of the GrainFox platform, Smart Advisor uses your farm details, combined with current and historical market data, to deliver data-driven, tech-powered sales recommendations that are customized to your specific farm business needs and goals.

Instead of working for every single sale, make every single sale work for you.


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All sales recommendations are not created equal.

No two farms are alike, and your needs will never be the same as another producer’s, which is why personalization is so important when making crop sales decisions.

The interplay between the aspects of your business that influence your sales decisions are the building blocks of Smart Advisor's personalized sales recommendations. Using Farm Profile, Cash Flow Planner, and Risk Profile, you can enter the core farm details that will ultimately help you make better sales decisions. These include your:

  • Crop portfolio mix
  • Cash flow goals & needs
  • Storage constraints
  • Risk tolerance

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