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Using your farm details, along with current and historical market data, GrainFox can help you take the emotion out of selling your crops and build a clearer path from bin to bank.


Make the right decisions at the right time, from anywhere at any time.


Between crop contracts, ever-changing markets, and the advice you get at your local elevator, the process of selling your crops and discovering grain prices can be noisy and even overwhelming. Cut through the clutter and make sense of it all with GrainFox.


What is GrainFox?


GrainFox is a data-driven farm wealth solutions platform designed to help producers build a clearer path from bin to bank. The Smart Advisor tool delivers personalized sales recommendations that are generated from the producer’s own crop portfolio mix, cash flow goals, storage constraints, and risk tolerance. With Smart Advisor at its core, the GrainFox farm wealth toolkit features many other powerful tools designed to provide producers with deeper insights into their grain marketing decisions.

  • Access your information anywhere, any time with the GrainFox app for iOS and Android
  • Get crop updates and sales recommendations based on your specific farm details
  • Keep track of your operation: commodities, inventory, contracts, reports, & more

Take full control of your sales decisions with powerful tools and features

Scenario Planner

Plan profitability and breakeven scenarios by inputting yield, price achieved, and production costs. This allows for comprehensive analysis of market conditions, optimizing financial outcomes and enhancing operational efficiency.

Price Finder

Find and compare crop prices locally and across North America, set Price Alerts, and save your searches to check back regularly.

Smart Advisor (NEW)

Get deeply personalized sales recommendations based on your crop mix, cash flow goals, storage constraints, and risk tolerance.

Farm Profile

Track sales and inventory, create contracts, set up deliveries, and view detailed reports on your entire crop portfolio.

Cash Flow Planner

Keep track of cash in/cash out, current balances, and projections for the coming crop year. Plan for potential shortfalls, identify the best loan terms, and make informed cash flow decisions.

Risk Profile

GrainFox uses a discovery questionnaire to identify your level of risk tolerance and creates customized sales recommendations that coincide with your other goals and business needs.

ROI Calculator

Quickly tabulate fixed and variable expenses, calculate potential returns, and compare your farm against provincial benchmarks.

We have a plan for every producer

Every farm is unique, which is why we’ve created GrainFox plans to meet the needs of all producers.

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