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GrainFox teams up with AgExpert

Seamless farm data integrations

The dynamic API partnership between GrainFox and AgExpert heralds a significant leap forward for farm business management. With this integration, AgExpert clients can seamlessly to import their farm data into GrainFox, a game-changing advancement that enhances their farm management endeavors. This collaboration empowers producers to effortlessly merge their vital farm information, enabling a holistic view of their operations. This seamless integration empowers producers to make informed decisions, driving the success and sustainability of their farm businesses to new heights – all the way from bin to bank.

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What is GrainFox

Toolkit. Planner. Advisor. More.

GrainFox is a data-driven farm wealth solutions platform designed to help producers build a clearer path from bin to bank. The Smart Advisor tool delivers personalized sales recommendations that are generated from the producer’s own crop portfolio mix, cash flow goals, storage constraints, and risk tolerance. With Smart Advisor at its core, the GrainFox farm wealth toolkit features many other powerful tools designed to provide producers with deeper insights into their grain marketing decisions.

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