DePutter Publishing is now part of the GrainFox Farm Wealth Toolkit


Expert market analysis can provide you with the information you need to make great sales decisions, and having the right tools to quickly and easily turn those insights into action is integral to growing your farm wealth.


Now a part of GrainFox, DePutter Publishing’s market analysis is being paired with powerful tools and features that help you discover just how much your hard work is worth and how to build a clearer path from bin to bank.


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What is GrainFox?


GrainFox was designed to help producers achieve their financial goals by providing them with unbiased advice, expert market analysis, and intuitive tools and features that help them make informed sales decisions and develop a clear path from bin to bank. Leveraging the latest technology, along with our experienced developers and analysts, GrainFox uses FarmLink and DePutter Publishing’s market analysis, our network of local grain marketing advisors, and current and historical market data to offer valuable tools and features, up-to-the-minute insights, and deeply personalized sales recommendations.


Tools, analysis, and recommendations — all in one platform

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  • Access your information anywhere, any time with the GrainFox app for iOS and Android
  • Get crop updates and sales recommendations based on your specific farm and crop portfolio
  • Keep track of your operation: commodities, inventory, contracts, reports, & more
  • Cash Flow Planner: Track cash in/out, determine the best loan repayment terms, plan for potential shortfalls, and more.
  • Smart Advisor: Get deeply personalized sales recommendations based on your crop mix, cash flow goals, storage constraints, and risk tolerance.
  • Farm Profile: Track sales and inventory, manage sales and deliveries, create contracts, and more.
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