GrainFox Revolutionizes Agricultural Management with AgExpert API Partnership

Press Release Posted on September 22, 2023

Winnipeg, MB., 09/20/23 — GrainFox, a leading innovator in agricultural technology, is thrilled to announce a ground-breaking API partnership with AgExpert, a trusted name in farm management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in advancing digital agriculture and streamlining farm operations.

The Power of Integration: Through this strategic partnership, GrainFox and AgExpert will integrate their platforms, creating a seamless experience for farmers. This integration will enable users to synchronize their data effortlessly, ensuring a unified and comprehensive view of their operations. Farmers will benefit from enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and actionable insights to optimize their agricultural practices.

Quote from Mark Lepp, CEO of GrainFox: “We’re excited to announce our partnership with AgExpert, a trusted name in agricultural management solutions. This integration represents a significant leap forward in empowering farmers with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive agricultural landscape. Together, we aim to revolutionize the way farmers manage their operations, driving increased productivity and profitability.”

Quote from Darcy Herauf, Director, FCC AgExpert: “AgExpert is proud to partner with GrainFox, a collaboration that simplifies data sharing for our customers.  This integration empowers our customers to make better marketing decisions while saving time and gaining efficiencies.  GrainFox holds a pivotal role as a strategic partner in AgExpert’s ongoing efforts to establish a network of Ag Data Transparent companies, allowing farmers to maximize the use of their data.”

About GrainFox:

GrainFox is a data-powered agricultural farm wealth management platform, tailored to guide producers in optimizing their grain marketing journey all the way from bin to bank. With Smart Advisor at its core, GrainFox offers personalized sales recommendations based on the producer’s specific crop portfolio mix, cash flow objectives, storage limitations, and risk tolerance. Complemented by a suite of robust tools, the GrainFox farm wealth toolkit empowers producers with comprehensive insights to refine their grain marketing strategies. For more information, visit

About AgExpert:

In 2002, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) launched AgExpert, the first farm management software, designed from the ground up for Canadian agriculture. AgExpert is the industry leader with customers in every province, supporting their mission to provide solid, easy to use tools for every producer in every ag and food production sector, including grains and oilseeds, cattle, poultry, dairy, organics, fruit, and vegetables.

AgExpert Accounting and AgExpert Field are simple solutions built to help record-keepers at every stage save time, stay organized, and manage their farm data with confidence. For more information, visit


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